Loire Day #3 : St Pere to Muides

An overcast day as forecast as we awoke in the camping pod. Slept pretty well and the trampoline mattress worked well though as like a trampoline everything tended to end up towards the middle.

Borrowed a lighter from neighbours to brew tea and coffee and with the pre ordered croissants had a pleasant breakfast before heading off just before 10am. Back on to the levee for a bit before a nice diversion took us through some villages and then back on to the levee and into Chateauneuf sur Loire. It was raining and a steady headwind so today was not going to be easy progress though a bit cooler than the previous two days. As with the weather the mood was also a bit different and a bit more practical.

For sure my natural pace is higher than Sophies (more 17-18 km per hour than 14.5) and though its a bit troubling it shouldnt be really. The headwind was a pain though and a tactical stop in Jargeau to pick up bread, cheese and fruit at around 11h45 was a good one to prevent being caught out by lack of eateries open in Orleans later.

The route into Orleans was much of the same. Light rain, a headwind and riding on the levee. Some discussion on how a levee can by dry "in the context of driving a chevy to it". The levee will always be dry, maybe not the land between it and the river it will hold back in flood. Any way managed to plant an ear worm in Sophies head anyway. Rather than the day the music died its 8 minutes of music that never dies.

Nice section around the parks and lakes of Orleans and into town across the bridge. After dispatching Sophie into a Brasserie that was for 'locals' we ended up on a nice terrace around 13h45 with burgers ordered. My watched had missed a few kms on the way in as i forgot to turn it off pause after a wee stop. Strava autocorrects with a straight line between the two recorded points. Watch was saying 43km but probably around 48km so we set off again at 14h45 with the loose aim of making Beaugeancy.

Initially tough going with a heavy stomach and headwind but another diversion kept things interesting and we made better progress into Meung sur Loire. Nice town with a chateau and gravel tracks out of town were nice as we ignored the temptations of a pop-up bar and ended up in Beaugeancy at around 17h00.

Quick stop for an apple and a decision on whether to do the 14km to Muides and it was a go in that the following day would be about 75km to the car at Montlouis. We stopped at the 2" Camping Bellevue (aka municipal site). Burned out bit of grassland next to the Loire with a toilet built in the 60s, abused in the 70s and neglected ever since. Dinner was the bread and cheese from Jargeau with 4 cups of tea.

Some healthy discussion earlier on the siting of the tent but a suitably flat spot found and we retired to bed around 21h30.

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)