Loire Day #2 : La Charite to St Pere

Some disturbance during the night as our camping neighbours returned from the bar. That both vehicles had made it from the UK was suprising given that they were Land Rover Discovery's of the always breaking down vintage. Another surprise was the use of roof mounted tents more suitable for the Okovango Delta than the Loire Valley. Whilst the risk of lion attacks in La Charite sur Loire was considerably reduced the chances of breaking your neck going for a piss in the night were increased.

The main protaginst Bill managed to swear loudly and profusely mainly at his partner in a way that gave an insight to the aggressive pisshead at home. After 30 minutes of this whilst I regretted not pitching the tent elsewhere I also regretted not voting for Brexit. Anyone within earshot would not have waited for Article 50 invocation to kick Britian out of Europe.

With the promise of another warm day, it was up at 7.30 and ready for the preordered breakfast from a man with a van before hitting the road at 08h30. Crossed back over to the left bank of the Loire and headed north to Sancerre. Nice and cool on the bike and good progress at around 3m15 per km pace so pretty good given the load. Some swapping between the river and canal banks and some views of the viaducts near Sancerre. The route doesnt take you up to Sancerre itself but goes round below heading back to the canal for a really nice section to Chantillion.

Further shaded section after crossing the Loire and then into Briare which is a bit of a spot touristic with the Pont Canal over the Loire. 70km done for the day and stopped at a Salon du The for a nice lunch in the shade on the terrace. A very impressive selection of patissiere and infusions and a great spot.

Left around 14h30 to cross over the aquaduct and back onto the left bank and after some really good shaded tracks a bit of hill (in Belgian terms) up to St Brisson and then some roads down in to Gien and back to the Loire.Short stop for some fruit in Gien after a longer stop in the shape looking across the Loire to town. Managed a short kip before being woken by a group of dutch cyclist sitting on the next bench. A nation which has focal volume up to 11.

A hot afternoon with the temprature over 32 C and with 20km to Sully it wasnt the pace of the morning. After some roadwork from Goudan it was back on the cycle track on the levee for the final 8km into Sully. Nice Chateau and pretty busy on a hot Saturday afternoon. A final 2km to the campsite across the river at St Pere and arrived at 6pm with a day total of 109km.

Rather than putting the tent up (cost 12 euro) we booked a small lodge on stilts to sleep in. Now we also safe from the rampaging Loire lions for the night. Inside like sleeping on a trampoline but pretty spacious and with a single socket for charging.

Back into town for dinner and with insistence from Sophie to not let her have either coffee or dessert tonight we had a pleasant meal on a terrace with an improving Chinon. Sophie did order some cheese to finish which in the same way an alcoholic would say a small port at the end of meal was a drink, insisted this wasnt dessert.

Back across the bridge in the dark and pretty quickly asleep in the cabin after a long day on the hot and dusty road

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)