Loire Day #1 : Nevers to La Charite sur Loire

After getting the train to Nevers arriving around 14h15, the aim was to do the 45km or so to La Charite and its camp site for the evening. Pretty warm in Nevers at around 31C and managed to find our way out of town to the start of the cycle route. Sophie was attired as if part of the Ikea cycling team (more appropriately Castorama in France) looking pretty splendid in blue and yellow.

First part of the route heads south to the canal that connects the Loire with the Bourgogne and then you turn westwards along the Loire Littoral canal. Very pleasant cycling on what was a hot afternoon. Made good progress as we got in to the swing of cycling again. Across the Loire at the impressive aqueduct at Le Guerien and then heading north along the rive gauche of the Loire.

Some aches acquired we stopped for a Fanta and some water next to the canal at Marseilles les Aubigny realising we would need to carry more water in the days ahead. We had over taking a youngish French couple, noticed primarily as he was riding a KTM mountain bike with trailer and all their luggage and she was more likely loaded. Plenty of people en route even though it was 2 Septembre. It has been pretty hot in the region with tempratures around 39 C so todays 31 wasnt too bad.

Another 15km or so left up to La Charite and to the camping on an island in the Loire and we arrived at about 17h45 with around 45km of cycling.


Nice site and 13 euros as we are already in derrier saison. Sophie had acquired a 39 euro bargin tent from Decathalon which had room for two and the baggage. Some showering and consumption of water and food took place whilst we wonder if the Brits driving Land Rover Discovery's with tents on the roof racks were worried about lions or other predators. More Darkest Africa and Darkest France but each to their.

Based on the low budget for staying the night we adjourned to the very nice Pizza place overlooking the river and La Charite knowing we had a significant pleasure of having a good amount "in the bank" for dinner.

For sure, pastis can only be drunk as an apero on warm evenings in France and my own bottle collection in Bwlch is testament to capturing the same atmosphere on a rainy Tuesday in Wales. Ricard isnt the same without a warm evening and the promise of a fine evenings food.

Pizza was good as was the bottle of Sancerre, so much so that Sophie ordered a Cafe Gourmand to finish. Great evening.

Planning a 100km or thereabouts tomorrow as ww head on down the Loire. Weather looks like it will continue to be warm and over 30 degrees.

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)