Loire a velo : Day 7 La Possonnierre to Nantes

Cheapest campsite of the week as noone around to collect any money. Nice site though you need to get used to the noise of the trains.

Older American couple spent the evening as they would if at home that is engaged is a mutually distainful conversation. Still regretting not taking the chance to explain the details about different french trains to him.

I did have a puncture though and when looking the pump is Sophies bag found what can only be described as a somewhat undersized pump with no adapter for Schrader valves. On my passage to take a dump I mentioned to Sophie that we might slightly bollocked and why bring such a pointless piece of equipment. After coming up with a few ideaa including borrowing a pump from the yanks went back to the bike to find Sophie searching for the leak with a fully inflated tube ! Indeed the better and functional Zefal pump with dual Schrader and Presta adapters was elsewhere in her bag. Much amusement was then extracted from my somewhat disparaging comments for the rest of the morning.

Set off at 9h00 heading for first stop at a bar in Montjean about an hour away. Sophie had stopped there last year and spent the 15km dreaming of a chocolate chaud and a croissant. Whilst dream this wasnt popped through the vagaries of French opening hours it was a change of management. No breakfast items. I walked down to the Boulangerie so not all lost. As a village Montjean has a lot of traffic crossing the Loire (which like others look like they were built and paid for by the US in the 1940s to replace the ones they'd removed in 1944). The village also has a large rusting steel cockerel which has an annoying tanoy-amplified crowing taking place on the hour.

After a overcast start the skies were clearing but it was going to be headwind all day. Continued down the left bank until the bridge into Ancenis and into Brittany. Quick tour around and ended up on the terrace of the Bar Restaurant de la Chateau for the menu du jour for 8.90. Probably best value meal of the week totalling 4 courses finishing with riz au lait.

The route west took us along the right bank through Ouban with long off road sections between the railway and the Loire. The last 15 km into Nantes had a strong headwind but on a good pace. We' spotted a Catalan guy with his two daughters on the campsite last night and had spoken to him earlier in the day. He'd cycled quickly for a bit then wait for his daughters to catch up and we passed them on the last stretch into town and he was waiting for them under a bridge.

Found our apartment location opposite the station and prepared for a night out in Nantes.

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)