Loire a velo Day #4 Muides to Montlouis

Dank and moisty morning on the 2* campsite but up early and ready to go my 8am. There was a depot du pain in the village so off to collect croissant from breakfast and some bread for lunch. Must be first day back at school in France also with lots of parents on the school run in Muides.

The route found its way back to a nice village on the Loire and then followed the bank for a while. We stopped for tea and a pain chocolate with a view towards Blois and another stop for a coffee and a piss next to the main bridge in town. Day wasnt really clearing but with purpose we set off on the next 42km section to Amboise. The route took an inland turn which also involved some hills and routes through small villages and round chateaus that had obviously been as the result of some persausive local mayor at some point. The gendarmarie were in action around what was a very active (and relatively tidy) travellers site at Challais. Lots of small relatively new cars including one trailer with a washer dryer combo in the boot.

The route came back down to Loire and we found an excellent lunch spot at La Potterie. However a relatively stiff hill soon after was not a good aid for digestion. Up above the Loire was the open vistas on vinyards and a steady headwind and quite a lot of up and down. This was brought to a conclusion by the empty suburbs of Amboise, all a bit feature less except for the covered mound of soil which had been interpreted as the remaining parts of a 500bc Gallois fortress above the Loire.

Th descent in Amboise was obviously contrived with the route through the housing estates above but you came into the old part of town. Lots of tourist coaches and their contents heading to the royal chateau. A bit confusing route wise but soon on the banks of the Loire again with some optomism that the route book might be out of date and that it stayed close to the river. At Lussault sur Loire it ran alongside the D751 before turning up on to the top before running through some vineyards. A sandy section before hitting the outskirts of Montlouis and then one final climb before going down through the village and back to where we had parked the car 4 days ago.

Trip to the nearby Decathlon Easy (that means smaller, and they've gone for easy rather express or metro or lite). Some chain oil and additional clothing items but no spare primus gas cylinder (they had an empty example one). Decided to stay at Camping Les Acacias in Ville des Dames and ended up on a pitch near to some noisy Belgians (coming back in a rented RV from the Vuelta) and a noisy road.

Dinner choices in the area were limited to McDonalds or Wokasie, the latter of which was an all you can eat Chinese place some wierdly located on a half built industrial estate. Plenty of food (too much) and a nice Tsingtsao beer.

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)