Kit List

The final kit list for the walk is as follows, with weights

ItemWeight(in kilos)
Lowe Alpine 65 litre rucsack1.70
MSR Hubba Tent1.58
Multimat (sleeping mat, lightweight)0.32
Rab SL200 Neutrino Sleeping Bag0.62
Silk sleeping bag liner0.11
Phone, GPS, Battery pack, wallet, cables, charger 1.09
Spare clothes (1x trousers, 1x short sleeve, 1x long sleeve, 1x pants, 1x neck warmer hat, 1x Rab lightweight fleece, 2x socks)1.20
Printed maps and guidebooks (reducing as walk progressed)0.28
Rab waterproof jacket and trousers0.94
Rab light fleece, shell jacket main walking jacket0.25
Leki Corklight Trekking Poles0.48
Wash kit, including multi wash liquid and half tooth brush and a collection of compeed blister plasters. Small travel towel0.25
Variety of plastic bags0.10

Food weight varied depending on the day, but somewhere between 1kg and 2kg and I took a 2l Evian water bottle, which slotted in nicely to the side of the rucsack. The overall 'dry weight' was around 9kg with actually carrying weight somewhere between 11 and 12.50 kg most days.

I walked most days (all bar the first two) in some excellent Montane Terra Mojo shorts and actually only used the long trousers to sleep in for one night. Really impressed with them and will look more closely at Montane stuff.

I used my 18 month old Salomen boots but changed the insoles after the first two days as I got blisters on the inside of the rear foot. The insoles provided are narrow and changing them for wider ones made a real difference. I got a left heal blister after the day to Cwmystwyth, but this was fine with use of the Compeed blister plasters.

I had a light blue Rab shell jacket I'd bought in a sale the previous year and this was great for walking in. Both t-shirts I took were running / walking type, so light and easy to wash.

I bought a new pair of socks in Barmouth (£5 in Regatta) and I'd recommend buying 3 pairs of new socks before starting out. Stopping anywhere and priority #1 was washing the socks.

In hindsight, I could have ditched the long trousers and just walked with over trousers if needed, as this was okay even on the last cold day over the Carneddau. However made sense to have them.

For food, I took muesili and powder milk as essentials as well as nuts and chocolate as back-up food. I had some trail mix from Tesco but given it was still in my bag on Day 12, I chucked it. I don't see any advantages of lightweight hiking food, as longest time without a shop was 2 days and if you want to carry a can of tinned fruit cocktail, you will.

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