CW Day 11 : Ponterwyd to Commins Coch

With the promise of a fine day the plan was to get as far possible towards Commins Coch and then camp (as accommodation options are a bit thin). With no rain but cooling forecast the plan is to be in Barmouth on Saturday night camping close to Cadair Idris making for a 12-14 mile day given me a bit of a rest before the Rhinogs.

With a full day planned the mood was different and like some I must thrive off an immediate agenda, or is that I'm working (in this case walking) to my own agenda ? Rest days essential and maybe this is experience and something I didn't understand before.

Got away from the George Burrow Hoyel at 08h05 and headed up to Duffryn Castle where the very much defunct hotel is for sale and future i would assess as extremely uncertain.

Cambrian Way Day 11
The Duffryn Castle ex-hotel, and looking unlikely ever to be a hotel again

Steep climb away from the road on what is a waymarked path up to the fence that guides you all the way to the summit of Plynlimon. There is a hardcore track next to the fence for quite a way now, before you turn east and head steadily up to the summit (which is show now on Map 30 in the 7th edition)

As forecast a nice day but very strong winds on the summit meant i didn't linger. Wouldn't fancy walking this in poor conditions as it is a bit of a trudge.

Cambrian Way Day 11
There is some great flora all along the central section of the Cambrian Way. Most of them are water loving

Time 10h40 as I then headed across to Pen Plynlimon Arwystli which was a bit more sheltered. Did a sock change as was getting a bit of heel soreness, something I had experienced on the north to south walk 25 years ago. Could be weight of sack or too much road but a bit of concern. You can walk with it but a bit painful.

Route down to Dylife was pleasant though longer than expected and begun to understand why the journey is usually day trip. The book has 10.5 miles from Duffryn Castle plus 1.8 from Ponterwyd. One of the previous walkers had measured it at over 16 miles on his GPS and I also recorded 25.3km so about 15 miles. Need to check the GPX route files and also the 7th edition guide book.

Cambrian Way Day 11
Glyndwr Way Southern Section waymarking

The section where the Cambrian Wsy meets the Glyndwr Way means that suddenly the route was well marked and even met a walker doing it. A section with steep conifirous wood above a stream with a wooden bridge was very Swiss approach route. She wad having a break and on the way to Machnellyth so would have distance to do in the afternoon.

Stopped for a late lunch at 15h00 about a mile outside of Dylife. Still eating the welsh cakes bought in Llandovery. As said carrying too much food but as much as symptom of the way we shop as myself being overly cautious.

Cambrian Way Day 11
Dylife to Commins Coch is more pastoral than most sections

The afternoon section across towards Commins Coch was very different to the morning with some improved grass fields sitting above steep sided valleys. Started spotting some good camping spots from about 17.00 but was keen not to camp too early and get close to Commins Coch.

Cambrian Way Day 11
One side of the fence, typical undefined Cambrian Way

Cambrian Way Day 11
The other side of the fence can be a little easier going

In the end found a nice spot in the Forestry just before the path drops into the village. Got the tent up about 19h30 and sat outside with the setting sun whilst battling with the can of corned beef (also from Llandovery) where the key opener had gone missing. It came apart with tue penknife, backed with a passion having come from carrying 240g of processed meat for 4 days.

A long day and my feet were singing to me as i lie in the tent waiting for darkness to fall. Hopefully tomotrow is as good and weather forecast is if anything improving slightly with sunny days but chilly nights.

Cambrian Way Day 11
Quietly in the forestry near Commins Coch

The longest distance travelled in day and a good pace of 2.6 miles per hour whicu must have dropped in the afternoon.

The advantage of camping is you have less problems with hours in the day and the need to wait for breakfast in the morning and be at your destination at a reasonable time to check in or grab dinner. You of course also get the late sunset and the dawn chorus.

Disadvantages of wild camping is that I"ll be a bit smelly come Barmouth.

Cambrian Way Day 11
Big distance for the day and my feet knew about it when they came out of the boots. Big concern is the aching. The view takes your mind off it through

Distance : 38.56km / 24.06 miles
Time Walking : 09:01
Averàge Pace ; 4.2kph or 2.6 mph

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