Cambrian Way 7th Edition : comments possible errata

Some comments and suggested changes / corrections and additions to The 7th Edition of the Cambrian Way. These are my notes and the official Cambrian Way website should be the official errata to the current guidebook.

I'll update this I remember things and re-read the current guidebook.

Page 12 : It would be good to get more of the history past 2008 though this is of course this is really relevant to the guidebook as such.

Page 25 : The Ebbw Valley railway was reopened in 2008 and there is a station for Crosskeys (closest to the route at Risca) and there is an hourly service to from Cardiff. It is an hourly service and means that you could use Cardiff as a based for the first couple of days walking, potentially using Pontypool and New Inn station on the main line to Hereford and Manchester. The Ebbw Valley line is cheap and most car parks, like the one at Risca and Pontymister and Ebbw Vale Town are free.

Page 34 : Crickhowell also has an excellent outdoor shop if equipment is needed or to be replaced. Crickhowell Adventure

Crickhowell Taxi's do offer shuttle services to the remote parts of the Black Mountains and to the Beacons, so you can use Crickhowell as a base for two to four days in the area. Crickhowell Taxis

Page 38 : More than an ice cream van, there is a semi-permanent food van open 7 days a week in the car park opposite the Storey Arms, with a range of the usual road-side food. The Army uses it regularly to feed trainees walking over the Beacons.

I walked the Cnewr Route in early May, during what is assumed in lambing season. I did conciously look for notices on access or the lack of it, but saw nothing. This section in the guidebook might need clarification.

Page 46 : The Community Hall in Myddfai is open everyday except Monday, 10am till 5pm from Easter till end September, slightly shorter hours in the winter and does lunches and drinks.

Page 47 : The campsite at Rhandirmwyn also has a shop which is open in season and is right next to the route.

Page 50 : Map 23 rightly suggests keeping to the higher ground away from the fence, but I would suggest remarking the map route to go over Esgair Cerrig itself.

Page 56 : Given the ongoing demise (likely permanent) of the hotel it may make sense to revise the section as Ponterwyd to Dylife rather than from Duffryn Castle. The additional 2 miles, would mean a realistic 14.6 mile section to Dylife from Ponterwyd (for those most likely staying at the George Borrow Hotel).

Page 64 : Map 38A shows that the stile at SH 668127 is a LS (Double Ladder Stile), whereas it is normal step-over stile. All of the stiles across the Cadair Range have their grid references marked on them, which is very useful in poor weather.

Page 66 : Worth mentioning that Barmouth has both an outdoor shop for socks and kit (Regatta) and the only launderette on the Cambrian Way (I think). Wash and dry for £5 in about an hour.

Page 93 : The Level Crossing in Llandovery is closed

Page 94 : Bron y Llys B&B also in Dylife:

Page 95 : The long term owners of the Wavecrest are retiring and new owners take over in June. It remains to be seen if the new owners want one night stays.
The owner of Dros y Dwr is walker friendly and will do the Cwm Nantcol shuttle for those people walking the Rhinogs

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