A short break

The challenge anyone working has is finding time for a 18+ day period where they can complete the walk continuously, Something that is not possible for me. So plan has been to do 2-5 days ahead of the start of my two week break. After doing the 42 miles of so to Abergavenny its raised a couple of things that will need to be fixed for the rest of the walk.

  1. I did get a blister on the rear of my instep of both feet, caused to some extent my the shape of the Salomen boots. One foot cleared up in a day but the other is being more resistant. I've replace the insoles on the boot so hopefully better going forward.
  2. Going lightweight for the first couple of days has made me realise how good it is, so the prospect of carrying a tent for only 2-3 nights use does seem a little over the top. However it will give me a lot more flexibility so it will be back to how light I can keep the load. Always thought that a smaller rucsack helped; you can less in it.
  3. The printed map strips worked really well and very impressed with the way they've worked with the occassional use of the compass. The Garmin eTrex has been used to record distance and time, not for following way points yet; need to practice that.

Days 3 and 4 to come, before starting the bigger walk in a week or so, with the aim of taking 15-16 days to get to Conwy, all being good.

I've also managed to do a pack of the main rucksac again, with all possible kit including camping, cooking etc. With 1.5 litres of water it comes in at 12.5 kilos, which is probably includes 1.5kg of food also. Not far off the 9 kilo dry weight I was hoping for. The couple of days through the Black Mountain will be the test

[Cambrian Way Flickr Album](https://www.flickr.com/photos/malcra/26761954091/in/album-72157667670603216/)